I messed up big

I was asked by my husband if I remember last night. I told him no. (I caved and bought a pack of shooters and then counted out change to get more later on.) He himself had gone out but that’s OK bc he doesn’t have a “problem”. He told me that my 8 year old called him crying bc she was scared of me. He told me that she also face timed my aunt who is completely unaware of my struggles with alcohol but is a Christian woman who read some Bible to her to calm her until my husband got home.
I’m at a loss for words for my children. The shame is indescribable. I’ve got zero clue what to say to my aunt. My husband wants to take everything away from me because he can’t trust me. Meaning car, money, he doesnt want me even leaving the house. I understand… but it makes me feel worse… any comfort, advice, quotes, bible verses etc. To get me through this i couldn’t appreciate more. :purple_heart:


Are you ready to get sober?
For me, seeing my devastated daughters face the day after I drunkenly took a OD in front of her was enough to make me promise her Id never drink again, it flicked a switch in me.

But you have to want it, your husband can take everything away from you but your addiction, only you can get sober for you.


I agree with Lorelei, are you ready to be sober? Because everyone can take everything away from you but we (addicts) will always find a way. It took my kids and wife being scared for my life that scared me straight. When they came to me crying and telling me they feared they would lose me soon because of my actions (and I’m only around 40 years old). That made me get on board with sobriety, best choice of my life. I took the injection for the first 5 months and then they winged me off the injection and now (at 9 months) I can hang around people drinking and not have any urge and tell people I don’t drink. But YOU have to want it, not anyone else. And you have to do it for you, not anyone else. If YOU want it and do it for YOU, everything else will fall into place. Good luck with everything and we are all here to help if you ever need it.



What are you doing on a daily basis to seek outside support for your sobriety?

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I’m going to a many meetings as possible. I am a stay at home mom and now we only have 1 vehicle. I talk to multiple woman I’ve met through meetings. I do come from a family of addicts and had just recently spoken to a couple of them. Maybe that and a mixture of the day we had threw me?

I really do. I should want to even more bc i have family members dying bc of this disease. This incident with my children really got to me and i cannot lose my family over this.

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What injection are you talking about? I know there’s medication you can. I’ve considered that. I go to a many meetings as i can but am considering an out patient rehab?

Naltrexone injection. It takes all the cravings away and if you drink while on the injection, you don’t get the buzz or drunk but you get super sick. One injection lasts for about 30 days. So I would get the injection one e a month and had no cravings or urges while on it.

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