I need a sponsor & place to live for me and my son need help

Hi! My name’s brandy Johnson I just joined I have been sober since January 17,2023 I am looking for a sponsor currently have a DCS case and working hard right now at getting my son back I am looking for a place that’s what’s holding me back at getting my son right now I live on the west side of Indianapolis If anyone knows of a FELONY FRIENDLY PLACE I NEED ONE BAD ON INFORMATION PLEASE ANYONE WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE :name_badge:


Congrats on your sober time :slightly_smiling_face:

:pray: For you and your son. I’m sure if you stay in track things will work out for you :heart_decoration:

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If you are looking for a sponsor I would recommend attending some meetings and listening. Ask someone who you admire and inspires you.


I was fresh out of rehab that I checked myself in and left after a couple weeks. I was homeless and broke. I went to help in crisis and creokes they helped me with shelter while I looked for a job I also went to the Methodist church they helped me to. This was in Oklahoma. But I’m sure there’s funds where you are sense you are a addict. That’s what I took to the table. I had to really put in hard searching for a job because of my felony. And I know how hard it is to get your child I had my 3 year old killed in a rollover DUI my 8 now 9 year old daughter was ejected put in ICU and foster care. I wasn’t even there but I was homeless going through a break up with the mother. I had to jump every hoop but I won. Give in to recovery and fight for your kid. I pray it works you are going to have the fight of your life.

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Thank you so much I appreciate it
Anyone else from Indianapolis on here


I do have a great job I work at UPS I unload! Been there for one year and three months I just need to find a place that’s all that’s holding me back from closing this DCS case I have been doing everything I need to and also getting in every drug screen clean it’s been a long journey but starting to get discouraged for not finding a place due to getting denied for being a felon sucks :pensive: 8

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Don’t give up bc then your given up on everything you’ve worked for. We must learn to live life on life terms. For me in the past i wanted it when i wanted and on my time. This program has taught me things are not always gonna go my way or when i want to. My Higher Power does for me on his time and gives me what i need. Continue during what you are doing and it will occur for you. The promise will come true sometimes quickly or sometimes slowly. Wish you well.


Thank you I really appreciate your words means a lot