I need to quit drinking

Hi … I’m in hard situation… my husband a I drink together… have fun drinking together. But I know that I am drinking to much and need to quit …the only way I was able to get sober before was because he went to rehab and quit drinking… we started drinking again over a year ago… I can feel that I am going right back to where I was before. How can I quit drinking if my husband is still drinking… help

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It’s hard but it can be done. My husband is a daily drinker, as I was also, I quit 14 days ago. I’ve quit before for varying lengths of time and then started again but what I’ve discovered is that it’s all about mind set. You have to mentally be there, to really want to quit. If you’re constantly feeling like you’re missing out and wanting to drink then it won’t stick. This time feels different for me, still hard but I really want to feel good and be healthy and I’m not longing to participate in making myself feel like crap anymore. That doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally get cravings but if you ride them out and think about all of the bad that alcohol has caused in your life they will pass. Good luck, you’re in the right place for support :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response… I was sober for 5 years and then my husband cheated on me and I went out and drank that night. It’s been about a year now… we stayed together. At first I could hold out for the weekend … now it’s getting harder and harder… I want to quit. Normally I’m a very athletic person… and my health has deteriorated… I have been smoking as well. I hate it…

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I’m sorry that happened to you, but you are so strong! Stay here and talking with this forum, everyone here is great. Try an AA meeting, that can be helpful for some people. I personally do not like them, but it helps to be around people who understand and can support you.

I’m like Artgirl. Other times when i quit. I was just gping without and felt hard done to. This time my mindset is different. I try to stay mindful as much as possible. You should look into some counselling for the cheating. You are bascially numbing the hurt from that so you need to deal with the pain. Take care.

I’m sorry that your husband cheated, that can’t be easy. I agree though that counseling might help, if you haven’t already tried it. It does seem like you might be self medicating the pain. Being sober for five years is a big deal, it sounds like you know how to do it you just have to want to do it.

We’ve all been where you are, just with different details. You can do it! If he’s been to rehab chances are he knows he’s doing wrong too. Have an open talk with him and see where it goes, maybe you can inspire him to work on himself.