I need you

I have joined you the group last year but I was completely unsuccesful. Yesterday I had an alcohol intoxicationand today of course I feel the need to stop.
I need you guys to help me, because I keep on starting drinking again. I am so sad and feel helpless.


Welcome back here,
Make a plan for yourself how to do this. Just quitting is not enough. What do you need to succeed?
What have you tried already?


Welcome back! There are lots of resources here. As @SoberWalker said, you need to have a plan to get and stay sober.


Thank you. :white_heart:
I have tried so Many times, read Many Books, Made plans… I start enthusuastically and all of a suffen the urge is there and I order a strong beer… and keep on drinking de Han evening until almost cola. So dangerous, but I seem to forget.

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Thank you for your kind reply.
I also attendended AA meetings, but I quit. I should look for another group and innaddition I work in shifts and cannot introduce a steady planning.
It all seems inconvincable. :white_heart:

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I imagine my 7 year old self is visiting for a few days.

How does he see me?

What does he love to do for fun?

What does he love to eat?

What would I let him drink?

Do all that for yourself. That’s self love.

I haven’t had a drink in 16 days and don’t feel the need at all. I’m ashamed of what the 7 year old me would see.

You wouldn’t let your 7 year old self drink, so why would you? He IS you!


Very wise Dear Breathe.
You are right.
This is a helpful thought
Thank you

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Welcome back!!! It takes great courage and strength to come back after a relapse. The emotions and yucky feelings will get less intense, just focus on the things that you DO have going for you and what you have to be grateful for. We do it one day at a time. Congratulations on your journey, the war is over!!!

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Thank you very much!!
I am doing fine Thanks to all your kind Words.
It gives me courage. :white_heart:

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I like that. Its a good one. When I was having my breakthrough at rock bottom I was remembering being a child and the type of person I thought I’d grow to be… I never wanted to be like my dad, he was a drunk prick, but thats exaclty the mold I was fitting… so I told myself “Self” :laughing: “its time to be better, like you imagined you would be” you know? Haha lol I think you do!


Yes absolutely BSJ.
Becoming adults, seems not such a good idea. :smile:
What is it good for? :wink:
As a kid we lived partly in a fantasy world, which we aparantly replace with becoming high…
How to go back - in a way - is not so easy. :wave:t2:


Hi SoberWalker,
I was reading topics on your blog and I started a diary, with all the reasons why to stop.
My most important first goal is 100 days.
I dont want to fail anymore.
Thank you. Hugs. x

Hi Earthligh3.
What really helped to me was listening to a podcast. The name is Recovery Elevator. Give it at least try. Maybe it will help you, too. You can find it on a free app Spotify.

Let me know if you liked it.

Wishing you all the best :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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It’s hard frfr u gotta just keep on trying an praying working steps staying busy helping others serves work meetings all that keep your mind busy an no matter what don’t drink or use