I Never Liked the Taste

Hey eveybody. So, I was wondering anyone who has drank thought alcohol tasted gross?? I never really liked the taste but I still drank. It’s weird. Thanks. Hope everyone has a lovely day😊


I’m not a fan of the taste per say but that feeling. But saying that after you spend 20 years in addiction you find some pretty good things along the way. My usual was rot gut probably better served as paint stripper but it did its job. But most alcohol is not the best tasting in my opinion

Mmm Barton the best of cheap shit lol. My liquor store only stocked vivak brand last few years it should of been enough of a sign.

I drank a fifth of Absolute vodka. Now the thought of booze makes me gag. The smell makes me vomit. Haha that’s a good thing☺

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