I quit pain pills but I'm using Kratom. Does that count? Is anyone doing Kratom

I quit pain pills but I’m using kratom… Is that bad? It’s all natural herb…

If you use the search function you can find at least one thread where kratom was discussed. I have zero experience and the same knowledge of it.

I don’t know a whole lot about it, but it’s not an opiate so there’s that. Just don’t use more than you need, and make sure not to increase usage. Decrease until you can be done.
I am very familiar with the kind of hell that comes with an addiction to pain pills. If this is working for you, then I think that’s good and it counts.
I wish I had known about kratom before going the suboxone route.

The stuff that big government is pushing out about Kratom is false IF you are indeed getting MS from a good source and not the corner stores or head/smoke shops. I used Kratom for years and the only thing I experienced after quiting it was slight headache and stomach ache. It’s better than coffee because you don’t get the jitters, but also seems to help calm you down. If you take too much you will become nauseous and stomach aches.

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I’ve tried it. Been on smack for a few years and helped with sleeping and WD. It can be addictive just like opiates so if u do, be cautious. I take it every now and then but again, it can have the same side affects if taken regularly. Hope that helps

That’s odd, because I have used Kratom on a regular for yrs and the withdrawal for me was as stated above. I didn’t purchase in smoke shops or convenient corner stores, I ordered from a reliable vendor out of Indonesia.

I also quit pain pills and use Kratom. I’m comfortable with it.

I’m actually fighting an addiction to Kratom right now. I quit using it for about 3 weeks but started back up today. I have been using Kratom for 8 years and have relapsed more times than I can count.


I used to use kratom to taper down from opiates, or as a substitute when cleaning up for drug tests. But my thinking has since changed, and i now consider anything that attaches to mu receptors to be cheating my sobriety. Furthermore, anything that changes the way i feel (aside from caffeine and nicotine) is off limits. Because afterall, my real problem lies in my need to change the way i feel, rather than cope. And any outside “help” (chemicals) only serve to reinforce the notion that Im not enough as I am. 360 days


I have been a kratom addict for the past two years. It has been horrible. 2 seizures in the past six months due to kratom. Dislocated both shoulders during both of the seizures. First seizure was super intense and buzzed my brain really hard. Second seizure I was in the bath tub. Wife saved my life for the second time and got me out of the bath. When I came too I couldn’t breath because I had inhaled chewing tobacco deep into my respiratory system. Thought I was going to die. Many many at home detoxes with horrible withdrawl episodes. In the past six months 3 detox centers and 2 rehab centers. Currently in a 5 day a week full day IOP with 10 days clean.


If you can away from kratom, I highly recommend it. It’s almost magical how it takes away withdrawals. Take it long enough and you’ll have the same if not worse WD symptoms. Some people don’t get WD from it, they say…but it can be INTENSE.


Withdrawal sucks from Kratom.

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I have been taking Kratom for about 6 years. I wasn’t on heroin before but I was on meth. I am trying to stop taking Kratom. For me I use it for energy and depression. It works but it’s too expensive and I have a high tolerance for it. Plus, I do think it is bad for your liver. So, I’m decreasing it slowly mainly the reason I dont just cold turkey it is because I have mental health issues. I have a lot of responsibilities as a single parent and I dont want to go into a deep depression or be to tired to handle my responsibilities. So, my suggestion is not to start it because it does become something your body will get used to functioning with and then when you quit taking it you will have problems functioning properly. So I’m on an extremely slow path of decreasing how many I take. My advice again is dont get started cause you will become dependent and you will get suck if you dont have it. Plus you won’t have the energy you need and also depression will come. This has been my 6 year long experience with it. I take 23 jumbo capsules a day. Again it’s very expensive and I wish I never started. It did help me get off merh. And it’s not as bad as meth or heroin but it’s just a crutch and I want to live life on lifes terms.


In my opinion it’s just another of the so called miracle substances that will just put someone right back where they started but that’s all il say lol.
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Ive had worst withdrawal from kratom then i had actual pain pills. I dis kratom for 7 years every day heavy hitter. If i didnt dose in time i would go into withdrawal asap. If you can do it for a week then jump ship and just tuff it out trust me it is worth itt.

Same 7 year every day! Never missed a dose. I feel off and started doing harder stuff again. Im 16 days clean from hard shit and kratom thank god. Ive tried to stop before. The mental anxiety and goosebumps. Diarrhea the works. Dont let anyone tell you kratom is less harsh because its a plant. Its the alkaloids in the plant that give you pain relief. Its just another synthetic drug