I relapsed again i got my job lossed

I’m writing here to inform my bad day, that is happened due to my relapse. I lost my job today. i’m back to my home country in two weeks. I dont know where to start.
I so depressed. I want to stay with my family. here im alone always depressed and that makes me to drink.


I’m sorry to hear about your job. That is tough to deal with. I hope being with your family will help you.
And remember, support from your family may help, but getting sober will be from your effort. We addicts can find any reason to drink: far from family, family too interfering, in a strange place, a familiar place is too boring, etc. The point is we try to escape feelings rather than face them. That is the main problem, and it follows us wherever we go.


I thought the same exact thing. As my sober days added up, i gained some clearity, worked at my recovery…i saw things differently…

The reason I drank, i am an alcoholic. I would use anything as an excuse to drink. Drinking never made me feel better. It always made me feel worse.

I took a second to think about all my non drinler friends…do they not feel depressed, angry…ect?

They do, they are human…they just had coping skills.

I had to relearn how to live, and with that feeling all the emotions that come with life.


I’ve lost jobs as a result of my substance use. More than one actually. It’s tough to swallow but I’m sure it’s not completely surprising either. It certainly wasn’t a surprise when it happened to me.

But now that you have free time perhaps you can focus on your recovery full time, rather than taking the toe-in the water approach. Being unemployed allowed me a few months of complete focus on recovery. I treated it like a job at first and as a result I was rewarded with a happy and sober life


I’m sorry that you relapsed and lost your job. I do hope that being around your family will be helpful in getting you back on track with sobriety. Hopefully you can focus on yourself and possibly do a recovery program that may kickstart your sobriety?

Drinking is such a disease and makes you feel like it can solve our problems when in reality it is the root of all our problems. You have stacked up some good sober days so i know you can do this again. Stay connected and don’t let the guilt or shame from the relapse hold you back. ODAAT - we are right here with you :hugs:


I’m sorry about that Sarath :pensive:
The trouble is, we can change the place we are living in but we are always are carrying the problem with us wherever we go.
Because we are the problem, our addiction is. The good part is: we ourselves can fix it too. But it’s not easy as you know by now and we can’t do it by ourselves entirely.
Does your family know about your addiction?
If they know they can help and support you.
Are there rehabs ore AA in your country of origin? Is there some kind of help you can add to your recovery?
Glad you are here Sarath, do not give up.
And remember: using alcohol makes us depressed, it’s causing it!