I slipped after 20 days of sobriety

20 days sober and I finally gave in. But it’s not all bad. I’m glad I made it this far in the first place. My mind has been so clear. And even though I’m drunk I don’t feel like the same drunken idiot I used to be. I actually have a sense of self control and for the first time in years I feel like I’m taking full responsibility for my own life Instead of relying on others to pick up the pieces I leave behind.
Abstaning from alcohol this long has taught me self control, and if gave me a chance to feel good about who I was as a person. It gave me a sense of clarity that provided me the ability to seek my own path of discovery. And I discovered that I wasn’t just a loser or a bum who had nothing going for him. I realized I had potential and that I was somebody. Sometimes all you need is a little self assurance. Now I’m confident that I can do another 20 days before i drink again and I’m sure I can.

thank you. And for those of you who slip, don’t belive you have to start from square one. Each time you make progress. Each time you are a stronger person.