I start getting sober Saturday

Its weird to realy start this journey i thought long about it and marked me a datum in the calender but now its there and tomorrow i will have my last drink with a Buddy.
I am now 18 since two weeks and i am an alcoholic, its sad to know that i am so Young and get to stay sober/to stay carefull for 60+ Years.
I dont know where this journey gets me but im scared and a little bit exited to try it, i see it as a challenge i want to stay sober for minimum the next 30 Days from Saturday on.
I got a little Inspiration from one of my patient’s, i am a nursing student in a little nursing home in Germany and my patient i care for since i began my career is a Dry alcoholic since 1999.
He has a good life and dont seems like he misses it,
So im really nervous about it i just hope my body doesnt react to hard.
I get updates in 30 days,


You gotta start somewhere. Sobreity is the correct choice at any age. Congratulations to you my friend for taking this step. :clap:

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The first step in the right direction is always the hardest
It gets earlier with every step


I started with “Dry January”. That was more than 5 years ago. Best decision ever. At the beginning it might be difficult. Take it one day at a time


Check out young sober content creators YouTube, there are a lot of them and I find their videos very inspiring for young people. Especially about the mind shift from not being able to drink, to not wanting to drink. It is possible! I wish I stopped drinking at your age, I congratulate you on taking the first step :slight_smile:
Hope to see you around! It will get easier and better the longer you stay sober :v:


Welcome to the forum! Im glad ur here and giving this amazing way of life a chance! I was also young when i first seriously attempted recovery. I really wish i wouldve stuck with recovery tho from that age on bcuz being 39 now and finally getting clean 2 years ago, i see how amazing recovery is and what amazing opportunities arise when we get clean and sober. Check in often and stay connected! We are all here for u on this journey!

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@Fundy welcome aboard! What an inspirational decision you have made to become sober, especially at such a young age. The sadness you feel about giving up drinking is natural, it can be like losing a friend. Another way to look at sobriety is gaining a healthy, positive, and fresh view on life. Your inspiration gained from your patient is part of the many tools and skills available to you. Chatting here, getting advice, hearing stories or attending meetings are valuable tools that have helped many in this community to stay sober, and are freely available to you. 30 days is a great goal, what’s your plan for achieving this? Here’s a great resource to help with planning:
What’s YOUR plan?
Keep checking in here. Wishing you well. You’ve got this!

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I am 20 so I cannot even begin to tell you how dope that is that at that young of an age you decided to really take care of yourself!

I wish you the best of luck on your journey :slight_smile: