I surrender and need help

Ok I admit I, I surrender and need help, I cant do this on my own, time to go meeting and ask out for help get numbers and get tight in the middle of the felloowship


They have a way to stay clean and sober, and a way to be comfortable, even serene in abstinence. That’s a power greater than I had going for me when I came to sobriety. Blessings on your house :pray:.


For me, it was that moment when my life changed - and I only look back to remember how much better life is on this side.

I couldn’t do it alone either. The miracle and the beauty are that we don’t have to.

Folks on this board have become family to me, as have people in my fellowship. Please reach out when you need us. All of us have been there…


Welcome back, Phil.

I need help too.

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You can get there bud, just ask for help in a meeting, I did today and the outcome was amazing


We’re our own worst enemy at time. The help is always there, but we have to seek it out. Everything worth having in this life is worth working for.

Keep trudging pal, even when you fall, fall foward

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