I think im ready to start sponsoring

So ive been sober nearly 8 months. Just wrapped up my first set of steps. My sponsor told me im ready to start sponsoring women in the program if i feel ready. I thinkni am but also ive never done this before. I guess everyone starts somewhere.

Anyways could use some advice on how to sponsor someone. Even just things you wish you knew when you started and all that. Thanks in advance everyone


No advice but congratulations on your 8 months :clap:t2: :confetti_ball:


The Sponsor’s 12 Step Manual: A Guide to Teaching and Learning the Program of AA. https://amzn.eu/d/8uZhFgC

I use this

If you’re ready, you’re ready :smiling_face:

Just be aware to not let it put you under undue stress which may affect your own recovery :mending_heart:


I haven’t sponsored anyone yet, but I do remember I wanted to. I’ve only known friendship based sponsoring as my sponsor was a friend first. Once the sponsee admits they are alcoholic the sponsor reveals their own history first. It comforts the sponsee to maybe talking about themselves more.

Depending on how they communicate thier own problem, (as they may not speak much anyway, believe me there are all types) it becomes a step by step process to building up their confidence with you. If they are ready, take them through the steps if they want to of course.

Have space for yourself as much as possible too. Generally, depending on how busy you are or not I would keep to 1 or 2 sponsees at the most.

Good luck and congratulations! :smile::+1:

Have you did the 12 steps ? ive been sponsoring for decades and a bit of experience is needed and when i picked mine he was a good few years sober and that attracted me to him but wish you well