I tried not talking to her

I told myself not to text her. I was trying to give her space. Ive been so sick to my stomach from being anxious all day that I almost threw up. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I texted her. I just want her to know my feelings. I’m still holding strong on nothing to drink but damn I want one so bad now. I feel like I screwed up in a way. I didn’t say anything bad but just texting her I feel bad from.

Do anything to get your mind some where else!

It’s hard to give space but they might need it! You need to remember that we use our drug of choice to numb pains they may or may not be doing that but we are now sober and emotions are very real again. Good luck

Having a drink will make you more anxious, make you more upset, more angry, more powerless. Stay sober. Keep in control. You’ve done what you could by texting her. You can’t force people to do anything, can’t make her text back. Sometimes all we can do is have patience. And that’s f’n easy for me to say, right? But I’m in the same boat. I lost the lady I love nearly two years ago now, communication became less and less from her and now it’s an email to say happy birthday. Still hurts, but I’m staying sober and staying hopeful. I’ve got a feeling things will work out for you though. Think positive, be positive, give her some time and it’ll work out.


I understand how you feel…it’s like a compulsion you don’t know what your to do with, and you don’t have dtinkngvto help you distract yourself.

WRITE IT ALL OUT!!! Write her a 30 page letter if you have to. But do it on paper. Your thoughts or feelings don’t have to make sense to anyone but you and it makes no difference if you repeat yourself 30 times, just make sure you write until you feel like you have nothing left to say.

If that didn’t help then go back and read it. Make sure you didn’t forget anything and try to proof read / edit it.

This is something that works great when your having urges to drink as well, just writing down how your feeling with no particular goal or rules , just writing down exactly what’s going through your mind…no matter how incoherent it sounds or illogical it seems.

You may be surprised at how much better you will understand yourself, how much of your anxiety goes away once you see your feelings on paper and how much more manageable your compulsions and cravings are once you understand the thought process that leads to them.

If actually forgotten about this method and could use it right now, so thanks for the reminder!