I want a drink so badly……

Help! My cravings today are intense. Day 11. It’s cold, the fire is going and all I want is to pour a red wine……



Play the tape forward, Linda. how would you feel? how much would you drink? how would you feel at the end of the night and tomorrow? really paint an honest picture for yourself.
also journal about your day, what is it that you want to drink at right now, what is the connection, the false hope there? what do you think you need alcohol for right now? when it’s black and white on the page, you can see how false the connection is, you can tend to your needs yourself, you don’t need to shy away from it. or hide behind a bottle.
take a hot bath instead, if the fire is triggering you, put it out and go to bed with a book, change it up.
you can do anything safe and legal to keep you sober. read through the forum and chat to us. go for a run. … you really have endless possibilites.
what’s the plan?


How are you going now Linda?

I’m with @Faugxh and was going to suggest the same!
Remind yourself why you’ve quit alcohol and if you have one, where will it take you? Make a hot chocolate instead or just do anything (legal) to distract you but have that drink. Don’t give in, the craving will pass and you’ll be glad you pushed through it!


Thanks guys! I did some CBT, I did my journal check in and I just finished dinner with a glass of iced water! I plan to makes myself a warm cup of tea shortly and keep checking in here.

The craving has passed. So the fact I got through it without pouring a glass leaves me proud of myself.



That’s awesome work, super proud of you too :clap::clap:


I’ve just put on one of my favourite chick flicks then I’ll head to bed.


Next time a craving comes along, you can remember your feeling of victory today,and use that to overcome that one!


Pray for God to keep you sober, call your sponsor, get to a meeting of AA. Work the steps with your sponsor.

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