I want change


I just feel that alcohol has been putting me down recently. I feel more depress and useless at times. Sometimes its to the point where it kills me inside. I decided to try this app out to hopefully prevent me from the urge of drinking. I just want to change and love life again. If you guys have any advice to keep me from going to bars, getting plastered and falling for the wrong person cuz of alcohol please let me know.


You got to be sick and tired of being sick and tired bro. How badly do you want it? To what lengths will you go to keep it? Sobriety is simply the act of stopping your addiction, what follows is a long road to recovery. Clearly you’re experiencing adverse effects of continued substance abuse. My advice? You just have to say I won’t use today. And then surround yourself with people places and things that will help you on the road to recovery. What you got to want it. You got to actively pursue it. And you have to be brutally honest with yourself, as to whether or not you’re prepared to never use again. once you make that decision, don’t look back don’t make excuses, don’t break down, just say not today and get active in changing your life.


Find a program and work it to the best of your ability.


Maybe find a meeting they help , this app will help but i found meetings made it easier to stay stopped wish you well


Sorry, but I forgot to also share with you something that is exceptionally important. And that is this, early in recovery can be quite overwhelming he got folks giving you advice telling you how they did it how you should do it do this do that do the other thing. You got to take it slow, easy does it, and find what works for you. There is no magic pill that you can swallow and Presto change-o, you’re cured. What works for me may not work for you. Some people respond exceptionally well two groups like Nana a, others circle the wagons with family and friends, while still others find spiritual things such as meditation reading and gaining knowledge. I’ll just turn it in ward and do it all by themselves. Nobody’s right, everybody could be wrong. That’s because your recovery is yours find what keeps you a piece, find what keeps you from having Peaks and valleys and emotions, in a nutshell recovery is as individual as each and every one of us are. The key to success is not picking up no matter what and you’ll make it.


Of all the days of your life, which is the most important? It’s today. Today is the only day that matters because it’s the only day we have. In order to make that change, to not drink, all you have to do is not do it today. Don’t worry about tomorrow, or.next weekend, just today.


Set goals and achieve them. This will keep u busy focusing on yourself. Keep gettin better at being better as us folks say round hur’


Thanks for all your advice. However you guys are right and i just got to want it badly. Thanks and will keep you updated if i made it sober since I know we are all struggling to change for the better. This is really motivating knowing I am not the only one fighting everyday to quit.


That’s brilliantly put


Your decision not to drink and your feet not walking into the bar will keep you from all of that. It’s really that simple. Once you have decided, it’s simply not an option anymore. Welcome. Stick around. Life is so much better without that toxic stuff interfering with everything!! :green_heart:


What you describe is basically my drinking pattern too. I hate dating and have this fantasy of going to a bar and chatting up someone, taking them home happily ever after. It’s a fantasy. It never ends well.

When people say focus on yourself, that means find things you legitimately care about that aren’t drinking. Hobbies, people. Alcohol robs your personality while making you think you’re super man.

It doesn’t happen overnight but instead of playing games, it’s simpler just to stop. We should not need cancer causing poison to feel fulfilled.