I’want to Stay on the wagon

Hi. My name is gate. I am currently 32 days sober. I am in a rehab facility in ohio. I am going thru bad cravings tonight. I keep having that feeling that I need to feel some outside effect if that makes sense. I just keep thinking about taking a shot. How the vodka would taste. How it would warm my stomach. How nice it would make me feel for the moment. I haven’t had a craving since I was in detox. I go pretty much everyday without thinking about drinking. I do t know why I feel this way all of a sudden. I don’t ever want to drink again. I chose rehab and sought help all by myself. I wanted to quit. I hate the way addiction talks to you. I hate that it’s my voice saying everything. I was wondering if anyone could relate to this. Also wondering if anyone has any good grounding techniques when they feel like this. Thanks


Sent to me by a friend in here.

Just take the craving second by second until a minute passes, then another minute and so on. You can get through it!
We’re all here for you. Read around, talk with someone, go for a walk, whatever is your happy place, try to go there even if only in your mind.
You got this :people_hugging:


Thats your addiction talking. Some people give that evil craving and rationalizing demon a name so its easier to say ohhhhh you lil witch i see what youre tryin to do


Imma name his bitch ass brad haha


Thank u for this

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I’ve run out of :heart: for another few hours, but I’m happy you’re here taking the first steps to sobriety! What an amazing decision you made to get help! I applaud you :heart::heart:

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Thank u so much :heartpulse:

Lmfao good choice


I keep the screenshot as my screensaver on my phone. So i look at it every day! :blush:


Something my therapist taught me is to put my hand on my chest, skin to skin contact, right over my heart and just start talking to myself like I would want someone who loves me to, or like I would talk to someone that I love. I’ll tell myself things like; I’m ok, I will get through this moment, these feelings are not forever, these are normal, valid, human emotions.

I am proud of you for getting help and for choosing yourself.


Thank u I will try this out for sure


Wow! Thats remarkable and i will do this myself.

@gate have you tried meditation to help you ground yourself? Below link has many great meditations to choose from.
Meditation for Serenity 2023! (tips, tricks & discussion/ 2 years running woot!)

Congrats on 32 days!! While in rehab are you able to take walks? I find being in nature is super grounding.
Wishing you the best of luck - check in here often – this is an incredible community and so very helpful.


I’m not able to leave I’m always under supervision. I’m not sure why we even have our phones. Meditation works but I often fall asleep haha. I like doing yoga classes but am not too good by myself. I try YouTube videos but it’s kinda hard to follow. Plus I don’t have the best space for it


Well i am glad you have your phone so at least you can stay connected to this community.

Deep breathing excercises or lying down and doing a mindful body scan may help (this may also cauae you to fall a sleep amidst the scan)…thats ok- your body still feels the relaxation and calmness.

You can also look up videos for chair yoga or yoga for small spaces. Might help watching the video once to get an understanding of the techniques.


Hi @gate ! Ever tried tapping?

Glad you’re here. I’m right here with you. :heart:


Maybe, just maybe , we have our phones to HELP us seek sobriety it safe ways

Like a stool.
There are
bar stools
in restaurants
In barbershops
At work
In friends homes
In the park

And in meetings.
you pick where you want to be safe

The cell phone is a privilege
Use it in a sober way

If you have access to amazon kindle, there wasa book that helped me a lot with cravings. I read it over and over if needed. It’s called the easy way to stop drinking. It’s by alan carr