If you are struggling with a craving

Then read this and don’t be me.
I’m at day 1, again, after having day 1 every day for the last two months. Reset, restart, relapse every day.
So the cycle is this: get shitfaced for no reason. Sleep poorly and roll around in shame sweat having a panic attack until it’s time to get up. Spend an hour googling how to get Antabuse. Spend the rest of the day staring at a giant red puffy face thanks to zoom and working from home. Workout. Then start the cycle over.
I hate myself.
So if you are thinking about picking up a drink, don’t be me.
I’m going to try really hard to not be me today and finally make it to day 2. My longest stretch ever was 45 days. I can’t drink like other people and i have to accept that.


None of us can drink like normal. Read on here, share on here. My story is basically the same. I quit by refusing to drink, drowning myself in podcasts, books and this forum one day at a time.

My last relapse lasted 2 years of very heavy daily drinking. I am 202 days sober now. Good luck my friend, put the work in.