I'm a wreck...fml

I also have no place to live and can’t really figure it out. I’m scared of being stuck at some place I don’t like. Broken heart - that’s a regular thing. I just need to surround myself with good people, not the ones who put me down. There must be some hope. Thank you for your support


Hi Justyna - just checking in…how are you doing?

Any progress witg your job hunt?
How are you doing with your sobriety?


Thank you​:heart_hands: I’m doing better each day. Job hunt goes slowly-I need to register in many websites which help in finding jobs at the sea. It’s ok if it takes time… I’ve decided to enjoy my life before getting back to work. I have signed up for a dream trip to Japan :cherry_blossom: so there’s something to look forward to.
I’m back at the gym. My social phobia is gone and I’m modyfying my workout plan on my own… I think it’s more fun than being dependent on PT :smiling_face:
At the airport just now…I’m flying to Bergen because I have a therapy session there. After that I’m back in my country where I feel better mentally. My days in Norway are counted.


It’s not your failure that they did not let you know that fluent Norwegian was necessary. They should have made this clear.

The similar thing happened to my buddy, she got a job interview and was really excited and went along, and then in the interview they started asking her why she didn’t have a PHD… It didn’t even say that in the job advert and they didn’t tell her it was a requirement in any of the communications. What a bunch of idiots to not even set out what the needs of the job are before conducting the interviews.

Don’t beat yourself up about their failures.

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Thats all so great! Im excited for your holiday in Japan. Have you been before? I had to go for work once so sight seeing was limited but loved it. Have a fabulous time.
Glad that you are back at the gym and finding your own routine. Wish you luck in yiur job hunt bu overall im loving your attitude- what a positive change! Have a great therapy session and enjoy your day/evening.