Im addictive

I have quit all drugs in the past. Ive quit smoking cigs 4yrs ago. But i remained on alcohol because it was legal. I have had 4 DUIs and now when i drink i cant stop til i black out. I am determined to quit. I know i can. I drank and drugs only because im lonely and depressed. God please provide my needs and make me sober for life


I’m on day 1 myself, last night was bad. It is easy during a hangover to say “I’m done” but as the week progresses the dedication to the task starts to fade, at least in my case. Though, this is the first time I used a social app such as this one and reading up on people’s comments is inspirational. I’d say keep up on this app and socialize your cravings when they occur, I believe it helps. You got this!


Welcome to both of you. Welcome to a better, happier way of life. You’ve both have taken a very courageous first step, admitting you want to stop and that you have a problem. Coming to the realization of utter defeat and sharing it shows the strength both of you. This strength is going to carry you through the beginning part of your journey. It will lead you to freedom. To be free of yourself. Released from all desire of self destruction. You are showing the love you’ve always deserved from yourselves. This will grow more and more. Your life will be given back to you. This is the most worth while fight for it is a fight for your life. Having been died inside as long as I was death is what showed me new life. That is what brought me here, to AA and to have love for myself. . Use these stories as tools that apply to you and work for you. Pick the flowers and leave the weeds. When I tried to stay sober on my own I failed over and over again when I shared my story and found others who could relate to what I was going through. Has lead me to the longest length of soberity I’ve had in my adult life. We stay sober together. We help each other with what we can’t go through alone. We have faith, love and compassion for each other and that is how we have lived sober lives. Your life begins now and everything that is good to come will be the proof you need to stay sober. Take one minute one second at a time if you need too. Never give up on yourselves and we will always be here to help you through. Welcome to a better happier way of life. We stay sober.


I’m on day two and really needed to hear this. The hardest part has been hurting my loved ones & trying to regain their trust. I’m hoping this will work, I need it to work.


I know what you mean! That would be a part of my cycle…

  1. I feel great so it would mean, time for me to over drink and party.
  2. Next day I feel like crap and hungover–“I am never drinking again…” or “When I drink again, it’ll only be 2 drinks”.
  3. Next day, I’m feeling better and not hungover anymore. “Hey! I did great not drinking yesterday–I deserve atleast 1 drink tonight”…BAM, hammered again.
  4. Hangover day on repeat.

Keep coming on this app and try distracting yourself from unhealthy urges and habits. Even though I’m only on Day 3, I find this place is good for my idle hands.


I am on day 7. I have quit drinking before, and the last time was for over a year. When i stop drinking my anxiety gets worse and i gain weight. I am okay with not drinking but i drink because im lonely, alone, and have General and social anxiety. If i cant drink ill never leave home.

I know about those cravings. The good part is if u ignore them long enough they go away. I support you too friend.

Hello? Anyone there?