Im back after alot of slips

Fell off the wagon for a while, but im gonna get back on even if its just temporary, im annoyed with the world around me, i dont want to do shit but work and make music and make my yard look good, everyone is stupid all they want to do is get fucked up and be annoying, lots on the mind, ready to let it stay in heavy work mode again for some months

Thanks for the read


You can do it mate.


Same! My weekend summed up.

I like to make small, achievable goals. Then when I meet those goals, make more that are a little more of a stretch. I like completing these little goals and so by setting them, helps me keep focused. It makes it a lot easier to disregard the distractions.

Today’s goals are to re-record a song I wrote last year and make a trip to the dump, and be sober. Should be easy as long as I ignore the distractions.

Welcome back and let’s do this!


Last September, you posted about how you had hit 60 days.

Sheer will power

Are you ready to seek another solution? We alcoholics are on a quest for something else, something other than the physical world of work and hobbies and distractions. We drank to change our heads. We drank in search of soul. We drank because we couldn’t not drink. But the underlying problem, the discontent, the vague notion of being incomplete, that still needs to be resolved or we return to our learned pattern.

If a mere code of morals or ethics or a philosophy, or a firmer resolve to do better was sufficient, then programs like AA and Dharma Recovery and Smart Recovery and the rest would not be needed. Talking Sober would not be needed.

I found, for me, the spiritual experience as described in the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” - “the personality change sufficient to bring about recovery from alcoholism”. My external life changed very little, except that the consequences of my drinking finally faded and resolved. I didn’t turn into a boring religious nut or cult member. My internal life underwent a radical change. Where there was previously just numbness, anger and lust, there is now a peace of mind and optimistic faith. I hope you find that for yourself.

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey.


Me too… we can do this.

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