I'm done feeling this way

Drinking alcohol can be fun if you know when to stop. For me, however, more times than not I have one too many and end up making a fool of myself. 3 days ago I was camping so of course I had quite a few drinks and hearing the stories the next day, even if I didn’t do anything too embarrassing, I still feel ashamed of myself. Sometimes I feel like I look forward to drinking because I’m more outgoing and “fun” but then I spend the next week not wanting to leave the house. I battle with depression/anxiety on a daily basis, and it feels like after I drink (even a few days after), the depression and anxiety gets worse. I don’t know anyone close who is going through the same thing I am, so it’s hard to talk about. I’m hoping I’ll be able to meet new people who are going through a similar thing I’m going through.


Hello! My story is almost exactly like yours! Depression and anxiety have ruled my life but when I found alcohol I was comfortable and felt like I could be “myself” with a few drinks. But then of course a few drinks turns to many and I embarrass myself somehow or get really angry. And I also tend to slide deeper into my depression after a binge night. I am the kind of person who can decide that I’ll only have two and stop and do that successfully for months and then before I know it I’m right back where I started. What I keep trying to remind myself is that I am actually NOT myself when I’m drunk, and I actually am quite unpleasant compared to when I’m sober. And if you’re feeling unhappy and ashamed, then that is a great sign that it is time for a change! Stay strong! You can do this :nerd_face:


I can relate to that sinking feeling you get the day after, because you know you must have looked and acted like a complete fool… drinking because it loosens you up, but we always take it too far, past the point of drinking socially and into the hell of the constant viscous cycle… you are not alone thats for sure. I will take sober anxiety any day over waking up the next morning not knowing what the hell i did or said…


So similar to my story, anxiety and depression are so hard and alcohol does make it worse for me too. I’m 16 days sober now and feeling much better. This app is awesome you can find so much support here and lots of similar stories.


I can totally relate. I developed anxiety a few months ago and I made excuses as to why I was having attacks. I am an alcoholic and also using cocaine and I finally reached the point you are at. Enough is enough. I want to feel happy and I want to be me again. I wish you nothing but the best.


Very relateable! I spend several days or longer anxious and worried about my behavior… even if it’s not bad. I started looking up “meditation for anxiety” on YouTube. There are a couple shorter ones that really helped me after my relapse. I’ve just been telling myself that the only thing I can change is my future and that no one else will ever judge my behavior as harshly as I do on my own. Hope you feel better about it soon <3


Story of my life, you are not alone :slight_smile:

You will find many people like you here. I wish so much that I could have one or two drinks and be done. But I always want more and more. Of course I say and do stupid and embarrassing things I wouldn’t normally do when I’m drunk. I have extreme anxiety when I quit drinking after a period of time. Hell, part of the reasons I drink include depression and anxiety. You don’t have to feel this way. I’m working my way back after 2 weeks of drinking before which I had 60 days of sobriety. These past 48 hours have been really hard. But I know it’ll get a bit easier each day. Keep coming here to read, share, vent, etc. It’s a great community!

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Thank you! I’ll definitely look up some of those videos! :slight_smile: