I'm done for good now

My drinking has gotten out of control. I grabbed a bottle of wine last night intending to polish it off and go to bed. I ended up ubering to bars and closed them out at 3am.

I need help.

I have a Dr appointment tomorrow. I’m going to tell her everything. I have to do this. I’m an awful alcoholic.


I’ve been having trouble. I last about a week and decide I’m all better and in control. Clearly I’m not. I want to be sober. I’m hoping my doctor can recommend something to help.

Have him/her do a liver enzyme test for you and blood work. Have them talk to you about the effects of alcohol on your organs. Alcohol affects your heart, brain, liver, kidneys and much more. I think that’s what you need.

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Admitting you have a problem is the first step, so your going in the right direction. The next step would be to stop drinking. And accepting that youre an alcoholic and can not drink successfully. Admitting and Accepting are 2 different things. But practice the whole not drinking one day at a time thing first… It is possible to get sober and stay sober, one day at a time! Try not to think about it as forever thing, that made it harder for me to stay stopped. I think its a great idea to see your doctor and start there. You have got to keep your health up. Have you thought about attending an Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting? Just to listen and see IF you have simularities with people? I mean by all means of youd like to talk, go for it, hell yea. But you can just go to listen also… Look for the simularities and not the differences. Not everyone has the same story. But i know we didnt get here by accident either. Youre not alone! Keep us posted! Hope this helps. I’m always here to talk anytime! And remember, its Just for Today!


Thanks so much for your post! I have so much motivation when I’m hung over, it’s just remembering that several days down the road. I’ve been bored recently and have had an epiphany that I need to make getting sober my project.

I haven’t tried AA but I should. My trigger is boredom and loneliness. Helping people, including being on this forum, will go a long way in helping myself.

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I’m not going to recommend you telling or not telling a doctor. But can I ask what you want to hear him or her recommend? Oh I would of told anyone I had a problem if it would of gotten me a magic pill or the magic wand. I’m going to tell you there is no easy way back from addiction. It’s a fight but the prize is your life. @Just4Today made some great points I hope you let it soak in.