Im here to be honest

I relapsed lastnight. I did it because of my lack of will power. Idk y I cant ay no.

I drank a bottle of wine in 5 min and made a fool outta myself ifront of all my friends. If I dont stop im prob going to loose every one. I got delusional cuz of my mental illness which is paranoia schizophrenia. Every time I drink or smoke weed im crazy… once again my energy was through the roof
I was the only one laughing at stupid stuff.

Another issue im bringing up is that I talk a big game. I needa shut up. And I think if I can just listen, take what I need and leave the rest today will be a better day. Im sry guys… 13 hours for me

I said a lot of stupid stuff… im a idiot…

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Don’t be so hard on yourself. You need to stay focused and know that you got this. Today is a new day. Take it minute by minute if you have to. Stay sober for yourself and your life. If your friends think you’re an idiot then they’re not true friends. If they care about you they will respect your choice to stay sober and help you along your path. Chin up. :blush: