I'm new here!

So I’m new here but not to recovery. I relapsed I little more than 2 years ago and its been rough every since. I’m thankful it wasn’t as bad as my heroin days, but I still became completely dependant on suboxone. I’m only getting older. I do not want to live the rest of my life like this. So today I’m day 4 sober. I’m hopeful actually, unlike yesterday. I am strong! Hi everybody! I’ve been reading some of these chats the past few days and its been really helpful! So thank you all.


Welcome!! Congratulations on your days! Keep coming back…you would be amazed at how just reading on here can help…interaction makes it even better.


Welcome!! I’m fairly new here too! Thanks for posting…we’re in this together!!! :heart:


Welcome Michelle. It’s nice to meet you. This forum has the best support and most amazing people from all over the world. Stick around and keep reading and interacting.

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Thank you all so much. It helps to know we’re in this together. Also I know the support will help me stay strong!


Welcome, keep reading, writing and talking. This forum has helped me a lot, it’s just amazing in here :blush:

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I am new here too! Today is day #14 for me! Longest consecutive days I have had in years. I am feeling good… minus some anxiety here and there. Falling asleep sober was the hardest part for me so far… I actually enjoy remembering what happens everyday. I have new energy that I only thought I could find at the bottom of a bottle! I am trading off my drinking addiction with being addicted to staying sober and seeing the number of days sober increase!!


Welcome to our awesome community Tiffany and congratulations on 2 weeks. That’s some really great progress.