I'm not gonna drink about it

So I’m proud of myself but I am also very stressed out and depressed. My car broke down it’s going to be difficult to fix because I am on disability and cannot afford it. I wish I should fix it because it is so difficult to get around where I live in the winter time so I’m very very anxious about that but in the past I would have drink about it. I’m 15 months sober and that’s something I’m extremely proud of but relationship issues marriage issues all coming down on me and I feel really awful but also I feel strong because I haven’t drank and I’m very confident that these difficulties are tests and so far I’ve got an A+.


I encourage you to continue in the path of sobriety. Problems may not be fixed always, but be sure that all that could happen to you mixed with booze turn into worse.
Best luck!


15 months is amazing :slightly_smiling_face: congratulations.


Problems can be solved. Our addictive thinking is to treat problems as catastrophic events with no possible solution.

Our sober thinking let’s us see catastrophizing as hogwash, and allows us to get on with the business of feeling sad and carrying on.

More power to you!


Keep your head up. Alcohol cant win over you. If times get hard pray. If you dont pray, then lean on whom ever you need to.:heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Great job on 15 months! Congratulations: you have every reason to be proud of yourself.
Just remember that every problem would be more difficult with that poison.

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