I'm not stronger than my addiction

My addiction is a dragon twenty times my size and strength. I could never wrestle it to the ground. When I get too close, I get mauled. I can’t tame it and ride, or chase butterflies with it in the fields. The beast cannot be tamed and will always seek to devour me.

So I will use cunning. I have studied the beast through many defeats and made note of its tactics. I know where it hunts and when it sleeps. I know when and how it will strike, and I will be ready. I will dodge and strike at its most vulnerable spot and send it whimpering back into its cave.

After many defeats and battle scars, I know my enemy. And though I may never be stronger, I am smarter than my addiction. And that is how I will win.


I don’t believe that. There is reason why the good spirit defeats the evil dragon… you must find the magic in your life that will defeat the dragon. It is the joy of being a son, sister, brother, parent etc? Is it simply being the best gamer on your block? Your language tells me you should be writing instructions for other gamers to inspire them. In not a gamer but you inspired me. Reach out m please. Take care


You win by never fighting. Addiction is a cunning foe as well. By never re-entering the dragon’s lair, it has no opportunity to chew you up and spit you out into a new rock bottom. By learning about the tricks it uses to make you think you need to even pass near its cave, and living life differently from before, you can walk new safer paths.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t turn out to be smarter than my addiction, but the wisdom of my larger community of addicts instead is working pretty well so far.

I like your overall sentiment though. Realizing you cannot fight it head on through sheer will, and using knowledge to your advantage. That’s good stuff :+1:


Very wise words,but beleave my words give it time clean and sober,you will become stronger whilst the beast that fed off your insucurties and fears will no longer be feeding he then in turn will become weak as you become stronger until one day u will look down and it will be the smallest little migit dragon that you can flick away with your finger.GIVE IT TIME MY FRIEND.Xim rooting for you