I'm quite annoyed now

Well, I know this is really something stupid to be sad for but damn! There’s this guy who just contact me when he feels sad. As the stupid person I am I’m always glad to help, give advices and support and after I do it? He just insult me because I’m 21 and can’t find a job (for many reasons) and calling me stupid because he knows I have ADHD and weak for not being able to stay sober. The hell can I do? I’ve already tried to make him understand but he don’t care and is something that really upset me.

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Cut them off. Simple.
You don’t need a one-way street friendship where they are the one driving down the wrong direction.


He sounds like a narcissist to me and if I were you I would cut him off. He sounds toxic and clearly isn’t your friend otherwise he wouldn’t say those things to you, he would support you and try to return the favor for the times you’ve been there to help him.

Also, for the record my fiancé had ADHD and he is one on the most intelligent people I’ve met. His mind works so fast and in so many directions at once I struggle to keep up. You are far from stupid.

Wishing you great things :pray:


Early sobriety comes with vulnerability, loneliness & the need to fill the empty space in your heart that’s left behind when you no longer have alcohol to hide behind. It’s beneficial to avoid any kind of intimate relationships with anyone. It’s difficult and lonely at times for sure, but maybe focus on getting a sponser to share your feelings and thoughts with instead. The slightest disappointments can send you running back to alcohol in early sobriety. That kid obviously has his own demons that he’s dealing with, and if I were you, I wouldn’t take what he said personally. Maybe just put off any further contact for a while or for good if that’s possible.

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Stop having contact with them you need all your energy to fight your addiction ATM💚

Hi, has he contact you on here? Or in your personal life?

What I’ve learned with my path of sobriety to cut off the people in my environment that don’t do me good… I don’t need people in my life anymore that are only looking for their own benefits. He is not a friend if he insults you and only takes from you. You don’t deserve to be treated this way. Stick to the people that are your real friends. They will understand you or better respect you… even if they don’t understand you not drinking anymore… It’s not your time worth to be annoyed over things like that :heart_eyes:

Block him. That’s no friend. Bye bye time! He doesn’t deserve a place at your table.

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Cut him off no two ways about it!

I’m getting in on the block party (see what I did there :nerd_face:)
He’s using you to feel good about himself and intentionally hurting you where you feel weak. This person is not healthy for you. Block, block, block. Boy bye :wave:

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I have to agree with everyone else, cut him out of your life. Surround yourself with positive people.

Double salute! (I had to do it in traffic the other day, lol🤣)

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When you are in the sober path, change is what you need most. People, places, and things must change.

You must distance yourself from toxic people. This is difficult if the toxic person is close family, partner, or spouse, but it can be done.

Friends and a acquaintances are easier: you simply cut them out of your life. A relationship must be beneficial to both people, or it serves no purpose.

I know you don’t have many people in your life. This doesn’t mean you should keep the bad relationships just for the sake of having relationships. If this guy uses you to make himself feel better, buy making you feel badly about yourself, he doesn’t deserve you in his life.


What AyBee said… Freakin predator!! Preying on your weakness and he knows where to hit ya… No matter what stand up to him… Be your own person… Drive your own destiny without some back seat driver!!!

YEET him out of your live. He’s a triggering toxic SOB