I'm really proud of myself

My main compulsion is spending/hoarding. It may seem trivial but I assure you it’s been devastating in my life and relationships.

Today I paid off my only open charge account…my favorite haunt Kohls. I still have a car loan and am paying off another credit card debt from long ago but this is a major step for me. I know the step won’t be complete until I close the account but I need a bit more time and a sponsor to help me move toward that. I have also not overspent in 2 paychecks. Again a major accomplishment for me.

Hope many of you have had some successes today as well! If not, keep trying.


Good for you! That is a strong step forward - congrats! The first of many :+1:

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Doesn’t it feel good to have those debts paid off?? Well done on not overspending for the last 2 paychecks! That’s huge. Keep it up!

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