Im tired of starting again


I was 12 days sober and fucked that up by drinking 1.5L of wine last night. WTF!? I wanna punch myself in the throat. Dumbass. :neutral_face:

So im starting over today. Ugh.


You can’t change the past, only the future. So dust yourself off and don’t look back! You can do it :slight_smile:


It’s true. Keep looking at today. Don’t look back except to give yourself motivation to not drink.


You probably dodged a bullit so be thankfull and feel the positive change that IS comming within you !!


Don’t beat yourself up, focus on the future. It helped me a lot to keep myself busy, find new hobbies and goals. I joined a gym and crossfit (im almost every day there), picked up my creative hobbies again, do a buuunch of home improvement, and work more hours. All the other times I tried to quit but failed I didn’t make any lifestyle changes. This time feels completely different, because before all I could think of was when I was able to finally drink. I had to replace that “empty” feeling with other things that are good for me. Hopefully I made sense, its early lol. You can do this! :slight_smile: :facepunch:


Get up and start again. You can make it :+1:


Relapse is part of the process for everyone, don’t beat your self up, pick yourself, brush yourself off and carry on. Today is a new day.


I start my sobriety again every day. I am happy for it. Making the right choices today, not getting stuck on past letdowns or achievements. Keep struggling, you’re worth the sobriety you crave.


If recovery easy everyone would be doing it lol. I know it’s tough, but it’s so worth it in the end. Just get back up on the wagon and keep working. Think about what went wrong last night and try to change that behavior.


The most important things are:

  1. Try again don’t stop
  2. What caused your relapse?
  3. What can you change in your life that this does not happen again?
    And the most important
    Never Give Up! :kissing_heart: