I'm very afraid

hello, today is not going very well :pensive:. As a reminder, I am hospitalized for alcohol withdrawal but also tobacco. I can go home for a few hours sometimes but as soon as I’m there, I take the cigarette again. I’m too lonely and no one to talk to. I’m picking up my new little puppy on Wednesday when I leave the hospital. I rely a lot on this group to support me. THANKS


Hang in there. I hope it gets better for you soon. What kind of puppy are you getting?


In Belgium we call this breed “Cavalier King Charles”


Oh I’ve heard of them. Looks like the cocker spaniel I had some years back, was great dog, very energetic puppy. Gonna keep you busy for sure. :grin:


Thanks a lot
I hope he’ll give me motive and courage


Congratulations on the puppy. You can look at the days. You have gone as a building block and you just want to keep building. Remember, we’re not going for perfection just progress. Definitely don’t wanna take five steps back, just one step forward.


Yes look forward.
Just, some days are harder than other.
Then, i’m waiting for tomorow.
Thanks for tour Support. :slightly_smiling_face:


My advice right or wrong is to focus on quitting alcohol first and foremost. Quitting multiple addictions at the same time can be to much for some people. Put your sobriety first and lean on us. That’s a very cute puppy :slightly_smiling_face:


I know it can seem like a lot to cure 2 addictions at the same time. But doctors say there are fewer relapses by treating both. Thank you for my little puppy called Happy :dog:


That’s very interesting.


You can talk to me whenever you want. :people_hugging::purple_heart: I’m really lonely & depressed too.

I actually heard that smoking cigarettes during sobriety makes you more prone to relapse. I recommend focusing on quitting cigarettes first. Once I finally quit cigarettes, I was able to stay clean for much longer periods of time. I’m 3 years & 7 months clean. This is the longest clean time I’ve ever had. When I smoked cigarettes, the most I could go was a few months before I always relapsed. I truly believe not smoking cigarettes played a role in my recovery. I know this is an annoying thing to hear for many, but it’s apparently backed up with evidence.

Oh sorry you are lonely. I Know how much it’s hard.
I accept your offer and if you want, you can talk to me too.
M’y language is French but i understand english.

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It’s nice to see people here from all over the world. How are you doing today?

Hello, today I feel good because I spent the day taking care of my little puppy. And how are you?


Oh, that’s wonderful. What’s the puppy’s name? You should show pictures. I’m okayish.

My little dog’s name is Happy.


Hi, Happy! Absolutely precious! :face_holding_back_tears:🫶🏻

How is your recovery going? The puppy is so cute!