In shock …

Well earlier this morning I posted about being intoxicated while out of town and my co worker leaving me alone at the side of the street bc she didn’t want to help me walk back to the hotel…. I told her I didn’t feel comfortable leaving too far from hotel & I started to feel sick & also get a bad feeling… (we’re both women and it’s getting dark outside) Well the area we were in was very bad & like I mentioned, I had to call my best friend & have someone to talk to (she also had my location on iPhone app) just in case something happened to me… non existent Ubers and Lyfts there in that area… well 45 mins ago it was confirmed that a famous rapper got shot 5 mins away from area that I didn’t finish walking to… I am in utter shock… tears flowed through my eyes… God is real & very much protected me & gave me discernment to turn around & walk back to the hotel room. To even still be protected while alone is an understatement… this woke me up … never going to drink again and put myself in such dangerous situation ever again …


Amen God is good and protected took me breaking my back 3 weeks ago to wake me so blessed it happened I’m 22 days sober off weed cigarettes and alcohol. God spared my legs I’m closer to God and miserable as breaking my back and having surgery was I feel so blessed and I’m actually happy for once in a looong time.prayers your way may God bless you and be with you always through your new journey


I suggest you use the journal function on this app to document this moment of clarity and shock so when you’re having a day you are craving a drink you can reread it. The posts in the community can get buried over time but your journal is quick and easy access. I added things to my journal that happened before I joined this app so I won’t ever forget some of the horrible things that I said, did and experienced before I quit.