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Backstory : I was previous successful in my sobriety for a whole year. I started a new job approximately 3 years back, and I had that one beer at a company function, and I have not been able to get back since. My now husband was my drinking partner through a few years of heavy heavy drinking, he has successfully mostly stopped in full and has had a few drinks the past year.
I look up to him for this, but I struggled and didn’t know what to do. If he would offer words I would be upset about it, but I’m here and Thursday is my last day of tapering off.

Previous year of no drinking was beautiful, productive, and clear. I encountered a rough time and used it as an excuse to indulge in my past vice, and I let myself slip into a deep daily use . There is not excuse for the downward direction I let myself feel was fine to head toward.

I have read some of your stories , comments and support to others. I feel better just reading that it is not in my head about being hard, and that every day should be taken as its own journey.

My story will be better and brighter.


Hi and welcome! 🙋
Looks like you are determinated! Why tapering down and not quit now?
Today is a beautiful day to be sober!


Welcome! I am with @SoberWalker on this one…why taper? Quit right now and enjoy the clarity and self esteem boost of sobriety even sooner. It sounds like you know the benefits. And good job getting back to sobriety!


Could be, good point. They should do what works for them.

Hi there and welcome! I’m glad to hear you have support on your journey. You are worthy of living that amazing sober life again! And it may be even better this time with your husband being sober as well! Glad you are here :slight_smile:

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Alcohol tapers, just like any taper, should be done under medical supervision. If OP is concerned about their health they should go directly to the ER or their doctor.


I’ve been medically advised to taper down; this is due to habitual heavy daily drinking that my doctor didn’t feel comfortable with me quitting cold turkey. Believe me, I know that clarity, and I can’t wait for it, but on the flip side I also have to be able to function moderately this week. I work in a career that requires a lot of math and reading and application of statutes/regulations.

We discussed the medication method as well, but we also quickly dismissed it for reasons of possible interference with work performance, since I do not take any controlled medications in that family of prescription drugs.
I never stated I my tapering wasn’t medically advised, or supervised. This is the same physician who assisted previously, but I do appreciate the advise of seeking medical supervision.

I’m looking forward to more quality time with my husband instead of feeling like he’s ashamed because I have a drink and he doesn’t, being that his wife can’t attend a function and drink a nice tea, versus 9 drinks of wine or whiskey. It will be well worth it.


Has your doctor suggested any treatment once the taper is over?

We’re taking it as we go, have to check in this Friday in office for all the usual physical checkup. I did well last time with this method, and I didn’t require too much assistance for the actual quitting portion except for making sure it’s safely done and having check ups throughout the initial quitting period.

He did reccomend some local groups for support in the process and maintaining my focus, but he agreed having an in home sober partner is possibly the best support I could ask for.
My doctor has always been as supportive as he can be, and of course he’s given great reccomendation for specialists in this area of dependency that I’m going to see to assist with the not so physical part.

He did reccomend I find something else to also be involved in physically, whether it be a workout group, a hiking group cycling, he said if it “looks fun for you, just do it.”


Sounds like a good doctor. I also live with a sober person and it’s very helpful. We are both in AA but we make sure to keep our recovery separate. AA has been a blessing for me in terms of staying sober. It sounds like your withdrawal and detoxing is not pleasant so hopefully you find someway to avoid going through it again.

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I’m not going through this again, it’s the only thing I’ve ever let hold onto me like this and it makes me feel stupid, honestly.
I know if my husband can do it; I can too.

Thank you for your words in this !

Good idea. Take it from someone who has detoxed (usually heroin) numerous times, that shit gets worse every time. I would probably kill myself beforee going through another detox.

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