Inflamed liver

Hi everyone, im 2 weeks sober today. Its my third attempt and this time i think im strong enough to make it work. But - ive just rec the news that my liver is slightly inflamed. My doctor isnt concerned but i am - im due for another blood test in 3 months where he expects the inflammation will have reduced but i wanted to ask has this happened to anyone else? And can anyone recommend some diet or health tips that might help? Thanks for listening xx


@Elle thank you… and you’re right, its an excellent motivator to stay sober!

@katie I would find comfort in the fact the dr. isn’t too concerned. I have read that staying hydrated will help get the liver back in check after years of abuse, milk thistle is supposed to do good for the liver too, but I am under the impression it is not clinically tested. Good luck and i hope your liver gets with it

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I would highly recommend a book ‘how to quit without feeling sh#t’ as it offers tips on diet and suplements. I take 2 different suplements that supports liver function and detoxification. Im more than happy to take pics of relevent pages for your own consideration?

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@JustL thank you - that would be great. There’s so much information out there…its a little overwhelming. Thanks again x

Hi. My husband had a red Mark against his liver test last year…was higher than normal. He stopped drinking for a few months and then gradually it went back to normal again.

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@lovelife thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me. Im taking everything on board and will get outside for a bike ride a bit later today :blush: x

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Ive heard avacados do wonders for your liver.Id try looking up some info though.:blush:water too of course, lots of it.We are lucky to have clean water so we must take advantage of it.

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I’ve tried taking pics of book pages, but it looks terrible, sorry

All good - thank you so much for trying x

I am currently awaiting results on my liver function and I am petrified!! What if I have done real damage,how will I explain to my friends and family that I have destroyed myself by abusing my body and it’s all my fault!!
I feel so stupid!!
How did I let it get this far!!
Sorry!! But reading these posts have given me some reassurance that I may be able to reverse the effects, but don’t want to get complacent and relapse but it sure is a wake up call!!
Hope you are doing well and have good test results!

I am wondering the same thing!

I HAD kidney issues…it put me in the hospital twice. Mostly because of my drinking. Worst pain I’ve ever been through. I take d-manuse in water and drink fresh lemon juice and water to flush out toxins everyday. Haven’t had a problem since.


@NatalieE i hope you are doing ok! Its an awful thing to realize that you may donr real damage. But ive been sent some realy helpful posts and messages. The one great thing about the liver is that it has an extraordinary ability to repair itself. If you can - talk to friends and family - it really can help. Until our next tests all we can do is stay positive and stay sober xx

I had found out I have alcohlic hepatitis in September. It is the stage right before cirossis. Doctor said I can not drink anymore. It can get better with time but there is some scaring on ny liver. They do blood tests to look at enzymes. There is also a test were they stick a needle in your liver, luckly n the doctor said we did not have to do that yet. Evan with that said I wen and drank after the initial doctors appointment. I had to go out of state and get sober. Went 78 days had a lapse, went 7 days had a bad relapse. But now im day 10 and I feel at peace with myself and I now know I am going to make it. Take care of your liver😉


Thank you @Katie. It is very daunting, my doctor was pleased I am heading to a life of soberity.
@Oliverjava I went to the doctors as I was getting pains in my chest and down my right side so had bloods and ecg. Felt embarrassed as I feel I have brought this on myself through my own ignorance.
I have also had my kidneys scanned and they were all good but I do drink lots of lemon water for a detox.
The thought of what could happen scares me, but I am going to stay sober and hope I am not too late to make a healthier new start. I think lesson learnt