Influencing others

When I was an active drinker, I met a guy at a bar/restaurant who was in AA. We knew each other from Facebook (lol!) but not in real life and I was well on my way toward being shit-faced. Of course, he explained that he didn’t drink, which I totally didn’t comprehend, and, fortunately, he was very patient and even stayed to hangout for a while.

The next day, I remember being surprised that he hadn’t unfriended. I continued to be surprised for a year! Now, I am sober and it really is partly due to him. We never talked about it but I saw a happy recovering alcoholic who was successful in his work and his personal life. It was inspiring!

In my opinion, it’s helpful to keep in mind that you are influencing people everyday, whether you see it or not. If you are struggling with doing it for yourself, think of the people who might change because of you and keep on moving forward!

You got this!


Aw. That was lovely @Janelle Thank you for sharing that :revolving_hearts:

:star: Happy Sober Day :star:


I love this post. Never really thought about people paying attention to how I live life; as well as my words and actions. (setting a positive example)I think you’re correct. Also, we become who we hang around. (good or bad) and it’s a perfect way to make a living amends as well.