Insomnia and too much sleep


I’ve been sober for almost three weeks. I had bad insomnia for the first 2. I finally started getting to sleep, but now I’m always tired. I slept 14 hours last night and I’m still not fully rested, its been like that this whole week. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?


I want to say it took close to 6 weeks before I had a solid, normal sleep pattern. At first it was insomnia and night sweats, then disrupted sleep. I bought some melatonin that I take if I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes, it helps alot. Regular exercise helps too.

Sleep issues suck in early sobriety, but it gets better, just gotta power through it.


Your body has a lot of healing to do. This is normal! Restorative sleep is so much different than pass-out sleep. I suggest; a healthy diet, vitamins, plenty of water. Personally, I took fish oils and vitamin D. Even 6+ months of sobriety, I find myself sleeping 12 hrs some days. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I have today 3 weeks sober and still have some problems sleeping. First insomnia, night sweating and I woke every night after about 2 hours, stayed awake about 5 hours and slept another 2 hours. Insomnia and sweating have subdued but staying asleep is still difficult. I take melatonin and got atarax recipe. With those I can sleep pretty well. Last night I tried to sleep without atarax but woke again at middle of night but only for half an hour or so. My sleep is getting better, slowly but surely. So will yours, just give it some time.


I was constantly tired for such a long time, it comes and goes like waves, I couldn’t sleep the first few weeks then tiredness up to 4.5 months, now I’m all back to normal