Instead of a drink, I am here.

It’s almost 3am (well by the time I done writing this it will be 3am). I am 9 days sober. The longest I have been sober for in 2 years. My mind is running with thoughts about upcoming events which are causing a lot of stress. Normally when I get in a stressful situation I would grab a drink. Then that drink would turn into another, then another, then another and so on. Until, I either had the courage to say what I needed to say or my mind would be so numb from the alcohol that I just stopped thinking about the stressful thing.
Now, I find myself laying here wide awake. Mind racing. Itchy. Wanting to drink but I came here instead.
This is my first time posting here. I debated about coming even here. But I knew I had to find a safe place. I know I’m going to probably continue to lay here and watch reruns of whatever I can find while I scroll around on here.


Glad you came here instead of drinking! Better!
First weeks are hard to go trough, but if you play your cards right you never have to go trough this again. Sleep can be difficult too for a while and that itchy feeling as well :hugs:

Try not to look to far ahead. This has helped me with that:

Maybe you find it helpfull too.

This is a safe spot to be in. It’s filled with surportive people in the same boat like you. I’m addicted to alcohol as well and sober with the help of this app. So read around a bit and try to feel comfy :hugs:
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :raising_hand_woman:


Thank you!

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You’re welcome :hugs:

Welcome to Talking Sober Katie! Coming to this place, posting, sharing, supporting and being being supported, has made the difference for me between failures in the past and success now. We’re truly in this together here. I hope you’ll get to experience that too. Just keep coming back. It’s a safe space for sure. Wishing you all success on your journey lady. :people_hugging:


Hey Katie! Great to have you. Double digits tomorrow, amazing work. I am only just in double digits too. It’s been hard but coming on here has made it much easier. I’ve met some great people in identical circumstances and that has made me feel more at peace with my situation. Enjoy wandering around this place and can’t wait to see you in other threads!


Welcome Katie, and you made an amazing choice by coming here and posting. Alcohol may numb you in the short term but in the longer term makes whatever problem you are worrying about so much worse. Stay strong and keep active here instead :smile:


When I have thoughts (anxieties) that wake me in the night, I use the Serenity Prayer as a mantra to the soothe my soul and calm my mind. If that doesn’t work, I just get out of bed and start my day slowly.

This happens far less often than it used to. When I was drinking daily, it would happen twice a week at least - that had more to do with my BAC dropping and fear of alcoholic consequences than anything else. Now it happens maybe twice a year and it’s usually tied to a specific stressful condition that I cannot act on in the moment, one that allows me to practice acceptance of things as being real and how they are.


@SoberWalker that chart seems like it should be so obvious but actually looking at it for the first time made something inside me click. It has been one of the most helpful things i have seen. Thank you!