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So I know everyone is different and have different approaches but how long would you give yourself to taper off of at 16 year methadone program with 4 failed attempts on top of being a herion and benzos addict aswell starting point 67 ml clean time from drugs 4 half months.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Hi there,

I would ask your doctor a question like this to ensure the best possible outcome and minimize any risk to coming off it. They’re the ones who are qualified to give you an answer.

Take care :slight_smile:


I’m with TMAC. This is a question for medical professionals. Your GP might not be knowledgeable enough to answer it but should be able to find out or refer you to the right person. I know it’s a long process. Best results are had using medication to combat the withdrawals. Also a clinical setting is recommended (in Holland). Be sure to get good counselling. Success.


Yeah I understand that and appreciate your response I have a plan in place as in England u don’t see a Dr you see a drug worker and the reduce program is up to me :100: anyone that has had any experience with tapering as I like others views it’s insightful and i may learn something again thanks for your response.:bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:


What’s your current dose?

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Started on 67 ml on the 24th of November and wrote my own tapering program and gave it to my drug worker I’m now on 40 ml I’ve written out new dates to taper to 20 ml which will end in September once I get to 15 ml want to move to subutex as methadone is painful to say the least to come off and insomnia is unbearable bfor mental health 100,00,000 worse than herion to come off I’m a pro and know this as I’ve failed 4 detoxes BC of how drawn out coming off it is it works out a ml a week I have had a 16 yr meds script so for me it has to be done slow and steady wins the race especially as this time it’s for keeps but I’m not asking for ppl to be drs I’m just asking for ppls views on this as it interests me and I like to have different views and not just my own.:rose: