Intimate desires while in residential treatment *sex addicts trigger*

Hello I’m in residential treatment I have desires to go and have intimate relations with people on a sex app and I’m thinking about sneaking somebody over to take me out on a supervised visit so that I might be able to do my business is this unethical?

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Not really sure what it’ll do for your treatment. Sounds like more chaos, man.

Why not hang here instead, or maybe talk to folks in your program and see how they’re doing?


thank you very much for your input I was just wondering if anyone’s ever done that it’s like I’m not attracted to anybody in my treatment facility I’m just like bored I’m tired of talking about freaking rehabilitation 24/7

I’d say use your hand for that and concentrate on your rehab and treatment friend. Bringing someone in just complicates stuff. Success with your rehab.


Aaron u got this bro stay single for the first year and give ur self some time ur a good friend of mine I’m sorry for the last comment I was joking but this I seriously and I want u to succeed my friend love u can’t wait to c u on fun day I’m in rehab to do I get it struggle but hold on life gets better


Stop hating on na

Is this a group facility with anyone inside you can just talk to? Peers, counselors? Like, tell them your bored and see what’s up with them?

Boredom passes, and I’ve found I gotta find better stuff to do with the time or I wig out even on the outside otherwise.

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It’s cool. After I read your post I found that to be very supportive I am reaching out to friends and other people about the subject matter. When I signed up for residential treatment I didn’t know that I was

Staci, Stacy you need to stay strong and hold on

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Its not a big deal what I write its not sexual I need help

Are you in a facility aswell

5 more weeks and I’m

I’ve been up since 450 I did 100 leg lifts 10 minutes of crunches reverse crunches just for today I plan to stay positive and clean im so thankful to have probation in my life for 3 years to Watch Over Me so I don’t relapse I got four years of prison hanging over my head I really want to stay clean I’ve used meth for 12 years alcohol as well that way wasn’t working so I’m ready for a new way through Jesus Anything is Possible to who ever read any of my rude posts in sry this is a life-and-death situation


Are you in a court mandated rehab and working a programme or are you out and trying not to pick up as if you did you would fail a drugs test and end up in jail.
We are here to help if we can, your are right this is life and death which will be why you didn’t get any positive replied to your earlier posts.
There are recovering meth addicts here who know what your are going through, it wasn’t my doc but I have a good idea :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

thank you for your assistance yes I am in a residential treatment program however some of the repercussions of leaving a treatment facility as if someone were I will end up in jail and I might end up dead if I don’t finish talking about the sexual frustrations that you come about because I have also heard it through other house members as well it seems like that’s not a topic that’s brought a treatment so far me me staying there so quaintly was nothing more than expressing what I know others are saying I’m not advocating but back in rehab

My comment wasn,t actually in response to you it was for the other person. If you look back to my post it shows the person I was responding to in the top right hand corner :+1: it’s obvious you have taken offence from my comment but I did not need to ask your you if your in rehab as it’s in the title of your thread, furthermore I literally had no desire to contribute to what you were talking about as I have had no experience of my own that is similar, I tend to only respond to a thread or a single comment on a thread if I have something to add that can be beneficial to the person that I’m responding to.(it’s kind of the whole point to this forum)
If you care to look back to the comment I actually responded to you will see that said person had apologised for an inappropriate comment he had actually made towards you. If you look at it in that manner then my response that was made in an attempt to help said person will make sense to you.
It would have been nice if you could have had the foresight to do that before making a comment to me that I have taken as you thinking that I was being homophobic.
I also now choose to comment regarding the question you posed in your original post.
Even if sexual relations were allowed in a rehab facility it would certainly be seriously frowned upon for you to bring in somebody off the street and given the fact you are at risk of being sent to jail if you step a foot wrong in there do you really think this is a wise thing to be contemplating.
I’m quite sure you will not die from sexual frustration though you just said as much.
Now I bid you good day and hope you can make the most of your current situation as rehab is meant to be a healing place :+1:

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I’m so waiting for you to acknowledge that you were wrong to think I was having a go at your sexuality, I want even talking to you . Just because people in your rehab were doesn’t mean that I was too :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Aaron my friend what’s up

I replied to a comment that you made @Staci and Aaron thought it was about him, I think he thought I was being homophobic but I wasn’t even talking to him and in certainly not homophobic. I hope he is ok. I think he has been getting some grief at the rehab he is in. He needs to know that he isn’t skins and that we are all here for him
Do you know him in real life @Staci😀

Got a feeling they might be the same person … :thought_balloon: :thinking: