Is anyone else like this?

I’m 124 days sober! 4 months and 1 day. This is the longest I’ve stayed sober for by a mile!
I can’t wait to get to 1 year sober purely just for the bragging rights because that’s something to be proud of.


Good job! You have every right to be proud!

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Every day sober is something to be proud of. The 1 year milestone feels absolutely amazing, keep on pushing ODAAT, congrats on 4 months


On Day 128 over here, and I personally just get a rush each night right before bed knowing that I made it through another 24 hours or another situation without picking up a drink. Each day used to be filled with dread waking up hungover, and now it’s filled with energy of seeing what it will bring. I never thought I would make it this far either, but I think we amaze ourselves everyday with accomplishing things we never thought possible!


Nice! Every day sober is a day to be proud of! Keep doing the next right thing over and over and you will be amazed at how fast a year flies. It doesn’t always feel like it but those one day at a times add up fast!

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Congratulations on your 4 months. Just continue what you’re doing ODAAT.
And don’t ever be afraid of the four letter word H.E.L.P if you ever need it. We got your back.

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You don’t have to wait a year to be proud, your sober, your doing it today and that’s amazing. We’re all proud of you right now :+1::grin:

Good Job. I’m 4 months and 6 days just keep at it …we got this