Is it too early to put up Halloween Decorations?

There are Halloween decorations up all over my estate now, my daughter and i had a full on crafting day last weekend and made decorations for our front window…i say go for it!!

Oh lord…Kelly failed to read the date of this thread lol

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Woah there! Christmas comes out the day after thanksgiving. :joy:

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Maybe the best thing would be to put out pumpkins, turkeys, and elves altogether. Just mash them up for one big Happy Hallothanksmas! Change the raindeer out for turkeys when it comes to Santa’s sleigh, and have the sleigh be a big pumkin. The elves could be little skeletons and instead of a fur tree, have a giant cornucopia with presents all around it. The children’s beds can be coffins colored in Thanksgiving/autumnal colors, each with a bright bow on top along with a couple of black cats.

Put it out at the beginning of September, take it down halfway through January. All set. :+1:


Dude! You’ve done it! Solved all of our holiday needs! :+1::rofl:

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