Is moderate drinking possible again?

This was me 100%. Always always trying to figure out how to drink. It was so incredibly mentally exhausting and just fucking debilitating. Letting that all go is true freedom and liberation. Who knew? Certainly not me.


I am all right for sure. I meant simply I appreciate following your journey and how hard you work at building the life you want.

As my friend Ang said, that’s why it is called the present. :heart: I love that too.

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Nope, not for this guy. Now you? If you can be one & done a time or two during the week, I say yes. But if drinking for effect is you too, then I say nope.

Id use heroin moderately, but its like the DOORs song, when the musics over turn out the lights…turn out the lights… turn out the lights…:disappointed:

The people who can drink are wonderful they look at us and think were crazy, theyll drink a few sips on their cocktail and let it sit the rest of the night or have bottles of hard liquor or wine that could last for several drunks and not attemp to drink it all in one sitting LOL. Wow, in my partying days id just think’ more for me’:face_vomiting:


I’ve thought about moderation and attempted it a million times. Then I heard this guy say it’s like moderating how much poison one would drink. Why drink poison at all? Seriously, it tastes like shit compared to other things, has zero health benefits, makes one less intelligent, why drink it?


I thought I could go from a binge drinker of 25+ years to moderation…I can’t :ok_hand:


Amen! Moderation is not possible for a true alcoholic. I’m am alcoholic and moderation doesn’t work for me!


The idea that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker. The persistence of this illusion is astonishing. Many pursue it into the gates of insanity or death.
“Alcoholics Anonymous”, page 30

I cannot simultaneously enjoy my drinking and control it, and I cannot control my drinking and enjoy it. I pursued this illusion into the prison gates and heard them clang behind me.


Hello, I just celebrated 6 months sober after 33 years of drinking, we are planning a family trip to Germany next year. Always wanted to drink a beer in Germany. But by that time I would be 1.5 years sober, and I think “ Why would I throw all that work away?” I would have to say no on going back to moderate


I’m not even a alcoholic, and I know I can’t drink because it leads me back to my doc, I’m a addict regardless of what I’m doing, drugs, pills, booze, men, gambling, I need to find away to feel that void without any of the above, so if your doc is alcohol then my view would be, definitely not many have tried and failed, don’t be a sastistic.(personel view)

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@Thirdmonkey, is this the thread you were thinking of?

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