Is there a sponser?

I had to reset today, after only 3 days :pensive: I feel like a failure. I don’t have anyone in my life to talk to about sobriety. My boyfriend is a heavy drinker and there is always alcohol in our home. I’ve been getting on here and reading. But was wondering if anyone sponsors on here?


@Samantha1492 I don’t know about sponsors but keep reading reading and more reading here. Ask questions. Get involved. Try an AA meeting. Watch videos on youtube. I don’t have a sponsor either and it isnt easy but you can do it! One day at a time. 6 hours at time.


hi, samantha! first, you’re not a failure. a large majority of us have relapsed at least once yet we’re here months, years sober today. i would definitely put more effort it sobriety. maybe tell you bf that you need the alcohol gone from the house and he needs to take his drinking to a buddies place. i would also try an AA meeting. all women would be a good place to start to get you comfortable. there you can find a sponsor. x


As suggested try a meeting youl find a sponsor there , i only sponsor guys who attend meetings wish you well

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Hi Samantha. Where are you from? Can you get to a meeting? :grinning:

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I’m from Texas, there is one not to far but I wont be able to go in time

I agree 100% with

For a while you should spend as much time as possible here reading and participating. Don’t allow yourself the time to think of drink…keep your brain occupied with sobriety.

In time it does get easier. I promise.