It’s about that time. . Need to remain focused

I’m only on day two. . So it’s (a little passed) the time that I would be indulging in my after work, after work out drink(s) while I make dinner and do the dishes and “decompress/relax” for the night . . Went for a run because it was a beautiful day which helped for the short term. . Now my cravings are screaming at me, I feel nauseous, I’m having hot/cold sweats a slight headache and I’m feeling down. . .

I’m determined but am feeling low right now and need some words of inspiration. . I’m sure these next few days are going to be grueling. . I’m sure the next few months and years are as well but this is just ugh. Part of me is thankful because it opens my eyes to what alcohol actually does to your body and how badly it can effect you and take a toll on you. .

Taking it minute by minute right now because that’s all I can do. .

Do you meditate or are you open to the idea?

I remember that feeling- it was only 127 days ago for me. Hot baths or showers, movies, books, cooking. Anything to get you through the “witching hours” that you’re having. Sometimes I would take a benadryl and go to bed at 7:30 just to get the day over with! Breathing exercises work wonders for the anxiety. Hang in there- the intense stuff should subside in a week or so.

Hi Determined, Ive been there, its rough but i find if you can focus on whats on the other side of you not having a drink it might really help. Its a great feeling on the otherside xx (im struggling a bit further down the track sometimes the first few days its easier b/c its so physically hard) Good luck!!

I did try it and enjoyed it before I got lost in drinking instead meditating after work, I am going to try and get back into it but not sure tonight is the best because my mind is screaming at me, I think it’s easier to keep busy and moving. . I’m afraid if I sit quiet it’ll take over me since my skills are not there yet for meditation :pensive: . . Thank you for the suggestion though! I will get to that point

Maybe try it for when you are trying to get to sleep?

Here’s one for addicts which might help quieten the screaming at least. I found meditation very helpful in my early days and I still do these days.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Ugh it’s awful! You just want to scream like “shut up!” To the thoughts and cravings coming through. Plus the not feeling well. . I’m nervous because I have a huge presentation for work tomorrow, and since I was a functional alcoholic I was always on top of my game at work and have always been a high performing employe. . All this talk about how your foggy and this sweating and nausea feeling I’m going through, I’m hoping it doesn’t effect my presentation.

I’m hoping since I’ve been working out to sweat it out a lot and have been drinking a toooon of water as well as taking the vitamin b complex that this will be the worst night of it and by tomorrow at 230 (when my presentation is) I’ll be feeling amazing and clear. . So thoughts and prayers will be very much appreciated.


Oh that’s great! Thank you for that. . I will definitely try it. .

I hope you do, may peace be with you :sunglasses:

Thank you so much for reaching out Katie. . I’m sure it will be hard and tempting like you said down the road when you are feeling good again, but hopefully reading how miserable I feel will help remind you of how much you don’t want to go through it again. . . That’s the good thing about sharing on here. We can hear how amazing the people who have gotten to where they’ve gotten feel, but we can also hear how awful the detox is (not that we want anyone to go through it) to remind us of never wanting to go through it again.

You’ll do fine! I’m sure you’ve prepared and just do some deep breaths.