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My sober tracking app says I am 75.34 days sober. I am 60 years old and I started drinking at the age of 14. At the age of 46 I went to my first meeting for alcoholics and walked out vowing never to drink again. I swore up and down to my husband and kids I’d stay sober. And for 14 yrs I white knuckled my way through.

Then my husband died suddenly, and my kids started moving out and off to college. So I felt my promise didn’t need to be held any longer. All it took was 2 weeks of drinking before I slammed down into the rocky bottom. 75 days ago I tried to kill myself and others. By the grace of my Higher Power, I was given another chance. I am doing everything possible to not squander this opportunity.


Welcome Maureen,
Congrats on your 75 days sober.
I’m 61. I started my sober journey 01/02/2020 20 days before my 60th birthday. Because of all the support from this community I am happy to say I got 621? days sober and I’m never looking back. I hope to see you around. This is a great place for support. My best tool is Gratitude. I never miss a day. Check us out over in the Daily gratitude thread if you’re willing. I think we got room for another grateful alcoholic.Daily Gratitude List #3 - #573 by beardson
:pray: :heart:


Glad to see you here and thank you for sharing your story. Great job on the 75days of sobriety alot of great people here that can offer support and suggestions to help with staying sober. Take it easy, God bless.:innocent:


Welcome Maureen! So glad you found us and I’m looking forward to walking this journey with you.

Glad you found us Maureen, sorry about the loss of your husband. I know if something like that happens to me it will give me big cravings as well :disappointed_relieved:
Happy for you that you turned your life around and are sober again.
Congratulations with the 75 days!


Thank you so much! :heart: