Its been a good bit since my last post

Im coming up to 4 months pretty soon, i still feel like theres part of me missing without drinking and drugs, but lately my mental health has veen the major problem, all i do is work my ass off trying to get ahead, stay on top of stuff at home, and be “positive” but i cant keep this up forever, i feel miserable in my skin, im burning out, im tired, and i feel like nothing i do is ever appreciated, i have been dealing with everyones problems, taking on the weight of everything, running a business, trying to keep up with my band, and no matter what, everyone always seems to want more, i dont know what to do, i cant take all the bitching and negativity, i have so much of my own shit to deal with, but i always get put last, i dont really need advice, just to vent, hope others are doing well, and staying strong

Thanks for reading


I hope venting helped. I won’t offer advice if that is not what you need. But I hear you, and feeling tired and stressed sucks.

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Hey man, congrats on your 4 months!

Imma go ahead and give advice cos I’m a bitch like that.
Read up on what boundaries are, how they are helpful and how to implement them. Sounds to me like you’re doing everything for everyone else and are left with nothing. I used to be like that. It was shit.

And: you are the one who needs to not put yourself last. You need to come first for yourself. Your health, your well-being are no one’s job but yours. Again, personal experience.

Wish you the best. You’re doing great with sobriety! It’s very normal to struggle as you do at this point. You’re just starting to figure out how to be alive and not feel like shit. :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s best to focus just on yourself for awhile. Take a few days off if you can or something.

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Ouch, you sound very frustrated. I hope the venting helped!! Congratulations on your 4 months coming up!!

Huge HUGE congratulations on 4 months! I totally hear what ur saying. Ive felt that feeling of burning out more than once. Would you say this is what ur experiencing? Honestly, what helped me was setting boundaries with others. I often felt like i was being pulled in all directions and not having that time for “me” to focus on my recovery and what is important to me. Its not being selfish in my opinion bcuz we need to keep ourselves healthy in order to give to others and to also (most importantly) maintain our sobriety. So setting boundaries helped. If i had the choice to say no to certain friends or obligations, i did. And then I actually scheduled time in my day for “me”. Time for my recovery stuff or time for activities i wanted to do. Time for self care etc. Balance is crucial (for me anyway). Wishing u all the best!