It's Friday

It’s the weekend any ideas what to do keep busy. ?


Whatever you want. The world is your oyster now that you are not weighted down with addiction.
Obviously, covid has put restrictions in place on somethings.
But other things like going and sitting by a river or in a park or on top of a hill and enjoy nature. Feel the power.
Just start to enjoy your life.


Read, bath, TV movies/shows, colouring books, walking/hiking, painting, make a meal plan/search recipes, word games, puzzles, music, reading on here… so many options!

I’m putting my little guy to bed so I’m daydreaming about any of the above lol :rofl:


Pizza, music and maybe some reading later…


Oooh take out. Good call


Laziness!!! LOL

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I always found coloring satisfying, mix some crazy colors yo :slight_smile:
Happy Friday!

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Just came back home after the gym; pizza is in the oven (stuffed crust :exploding_head:), one N/A beer (controversy here), Coke Zero, McCain chocolate cake, all about to go down. I usually eat pretty good but tonight I felt urge to drink… switched it to ton of food…
Any Netflix suggestion? I’d love a long and epic movie.
Good Friday peeps :sunglasses:


The pursuit of happiness is a good one. And I’m pretty sure “the fighter” is still on Netflix it’s a lil bit about addiction, I love it.

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Ahh no more fighter here in Canada ! But yea I liked it a lot I have the DVD somewhere at my chalet. Thanks man have a Good Friday night !

have you seen Shameless?

Yea! But I don’t remember at what season I stopped :thinking: I finished it at the time but I don’t know if there was a new one after

My bf and I went kayaking today. It was pretty fun and it was a workout.

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Lol. Well I’m sure any episode will distract! Lol. How about Ozark? Or sons of anarchy?

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Just finished son’s! Waiting on next week they pull out the 5 next seasons :star_struck:

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Thank you, I needed that last night

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Welcome Alice! :blush:

Which activity did you do?

Great truthful words Alice and welcome.
It’s confusing at first because we are scared and unsure. But once we realise, like you have, just how much time we do have, it opens our minds and our hearts to so much more potential.

Did you see Animal Kingdom? Series though, not movie