It's so important to let your emotions out! 🌵

Hi there :wave:t3::slight_smile:
I just wanted to share something with you real quick, hoping that it might be as helpful for you as it was for me.
I had a therapy session yesterday and before I went there I had already been knowing what was causing my recent relapse. I knew that it’s my current job that stresses me out and gives me feelings that I can’t process. I knew that there was a lot of anger. I am angry because of my job all the time, yet I tell myself to not be angry or at least that being angry won’t change anything.
But it does.
I have a really long history of therapy and eating disorder clinics, I’ve learnt about emotions, feeling, thoughts etc. But on my way in recovery I sometimes forget about certain things. I sometimes forget that letting your feelings out is one of the most important thing to not fall back into old patterns.
Creating space for your emotions to be let out. Even if it’s just little actions, it’s so important to let your feelings out!! (im taking about exercising, screaming, physical activities etc, I’m not talking about violence or any kind of harm).
I tend to forget that and I need to be reminded from time to time. Maybe some of you need to be reminded from time to time as well and in this case I hope I did :slight_smile:

Enjoy your day and keep safe everyone :slightly_smiling_face::cherry_blossom::butterfly:


Thanks for sharing this. You’re so very right. I have a freestanding punch bag and gloves at home and sometimes I go ape on that thing! Lol. I have yet to regain my mojo for exercise but when the frustration of anger sets in I go upstairs and thump the shit out of the boxing bag. Great share x


Thank you so much for sharing!!! I feel like what that you are saying here is so very true… I’m trying to learn how to do that too… :blush: There’s this rage that comes over me (even when sober) and I don’t really know what to do with it… It has me rethinking my plan, but in a good way… :blush:

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Having a punch bag is probably the best option to reduce anger as boxing and punching is such an explosive and extrovert motion!! :slight_smile:
Great to hear that it works so well for you! :blush:
Have a great day and stay safe :blush::cherry_blossom::butterfly:

Yes, I feel what you’re saying!! Recovery makes us rethink different things a lot. That’s a good thing! To become a different person we need to change things that have been working while addicted.
As a smart person once said: the environment that made you sick cannot be the environment that puts you back together :blush:
All the best for you, stay safe :blush::cherry_blossom::butterfly:

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