Its time i did this

Hello all
Its finally time to stop this is day one wish me luck


Well done on finding your way here. Sobriety is not about luck though. It’s about conscious effort that you put towards getting and staying sober. I wish you willingness to work for your sobriety. I suggest a 12 step program, for at the end of those steps there is a promise of emotional sobriety, which is the highest goal one can achieve.


Well done on taking the first step.
I encourage you to spend time in this forum (especially early on) as it really helped me stay focused in those first few weeks.


Thankyou yes i agree

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Thankyou will do

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It’s a good thing you came here for help. We all want to help so if you ever have a question, just ask around.
I know it’s hard to decide to become sober, so I am proud of you.
Good luck on your journey to sobriety. You’ve got this :smiley:

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Really appreciate the support mate


You got this!!!

:+1:cheers must appreciated

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Ta dude thanks a mil

You’re in very good company here.

Woo hoo! Welcome and awesome decision! Wishing much happiness and success for you!

It’s a big step that took courage to make. But here you are!

You got this! Welcome home!

Congrats on day one The first hurdle is always the hardest but you did it!

Welcome!!! You’ve found a great place.
You took the big first step. Put in the work and you can make it to sobriety. When you are ready, meetings are recommended as a part of your journey.

Read the posts here and you will get the hang of it soon enough.

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