IV meth cravings

I’m in day 2 of detox of meth pending 3 month rehab. I can’t sleep, bouncing off the walls think I’m manic from the bi polar. Just so restless fkn wanna have a shot n have a hectic day but a I know I can’t. Just going stir crazy grrrr


Cheers :slight_smile: yea I got a psych I can have phone order meds. Just takes a bit of time. Just fkn so over years of craving needles and meth and that rush. Ruined my life, just exhausting fighting my brains stupid ideas


Way to go on day 2… rehab will help tremendously. When do u begin? I was a heavy meth user many years ago. Haven’t touched it in over 10 years. Mentally I was ALL OVER… so I can relate to you :frowning: for meth in particular treatment and medication that was prescribed to me helped tremendously. It look a long time to feel somewhat normal… but don’t focus on that. It’s literally 1 min, 1 hour, 1 day at a time. Sending positive, calming thoughts ur way


Thanks :slight_smile: wise and friendly. Thanks for the advice

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