I've been around. Putting in work

Hello my peeps. I haven’t relapsed, just working 15 hour days for the last month. Shit… I don’t have time to drink… lol. I finally pulled my head out of you know what with my wife/ex. I’m not moving back in with her out of necessity. I told her I’m done supporting her when she’s the one who wants to dissolve our marriage. I found a new place to live. I’m seeing a lawyer tomorrow to find out what my legal obligations are as far as child support and spousal support. I told her what I’m doing and that thus will be the last month I pay 100% for her household. She simply said ok. She knows this has been wrong. She’s actually helping me move today. Kind of ironic, but I’m glad we continue to be civil if not friends…


It’s great to hear that your sobriety doesn’t seem to be the worry through such long work hours and tumultuous home life.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through so many major life changes right now. It takes a lot of energy and mental effort to deal with these issues.

Good luck and I hope things go as smoothly as they can for you right now.

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Im glad you decided not to support her financially 100%, its not sustainable! :slight_smile: and Welldone on going through this sober!! There’s something about 2017 and separations… 2 of my friends, myself and 3 colleagues separated this year…