Ive got this - Time to Change!

So … after all my hard work i went back to alcohol - Monday morning & i am ashamed of being drunk at weekend had a few beers and usual fell asleep early to wake up at 6am like :sob: why is it every time im off work! Boredom? …

Ive severely motivated this time! Last drink was at 11.30pm last night! & i know i cant just have that 1 drink / 1 day! …


You’ve got this, stay strong :muscle:

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What are you willing to do that you haven’t done yet to stay sober? Individual counseling helped me, Antabuse helped me, AA gave my days structure and gave me a set program of recovery.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes”.

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Ive promised myself & download this premium version of the app - im going to be brutal with myself & open up more & chat - im going to look into online meetings & also try my best in opening upto my doctor.

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Welcome Cindy.
Congratulations on day 1. This app and forum has been key to my recovery. People always told me you weren’t that bad.
I never, ever, never only had just one. It just never happened! I cannot think of a time where I ever had “just one.” It’s not possible.
So I’m not drinking today. And I’m probably not drinking tomorrow.
One day at a time you know.
Have a good read around join in when you’re comfortable. Lot’s of great people here all trying not to take that first drink or DOC. The most import one we cannot have.
Have a good read around and join in.